Wednesday, April 8, 2009

As we age...

I turned 30 last October, for some its a big deal, for me it was just another day. I guess I think back to what my Grammy used to say "you are only as old as you feel" well I don't feel older. I remember being a kid and thinking that 30 was SO OLD! It could be that fact that we have 4 kids running around the house that keeps me feeling young.

There is one thing I have noticed among my peers lately that has become annoying, not sure if it is because I am getting older and don't like to deal with petty stuff anymore or if I am just in a different place in my life now and I just enjoy being happy. It seems to me that people have grown more bitter, sensitive and petty as we age. I will admit that 10 years ago I was right in the middle of whatever gossip that was going around, now I just don't want to deal with it. I guess I am just taken back by the "drama" a little. Isn't that the stuff that went on in Jr. High and High School? People get so bent! I notice it with friends, family and co-workers, I have become amused by it. People get so sucked in to drama and bad attitudes, I guess the saying misery loves company is very true. It seems that the people who get so "bent" or feel like stirring up some drama are very unhappy with life, while people who are upbeat and are happy in life have no problem living in a "drama free" world. At first I think I kind of felt sorry for people who were "sad" with their life or the way things turned out for them, but now I feel like telling them the only way to make life better is to change it yourself!! So many people walk around this world with chips on their shoulders and have had a "chip" for so long they cant even remember why they are mad. I know that everyone has "issues" in their everyday life - that's the way life goes, you can either make something positive come out of it or let the negative affect you. Most go with the second option because it is "easier." I am not just talking about girls either, I have come across quite a few men recently who act more like girls than some girls I know. I was lucky enough to have a very loving, supporting and positive family when I was young to help me look at life in a positive way.

I could be totally wrong in my approach to how I handle things now, as opposed to how I handled it years ago. I kind of just write off who ever is causing me or others strife. If I keep my distance I wont be sucked back into more negativity and bitterness. I LOVE my life and my family, it seems so much easier to be happy than miserable. So I guess I will sit back and watch other get worked up while I enjoy life :)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


So...for the last week and a half or so Chase and Mackenzie have been battling this "bug" thats going around...coughing, sneezing, runny nose, sore throat & fever. The fever is killing the drill! They both missed their first day back to school after spring break because they both had a pretty high fever. I sent Chase to school the next day (his fever was FINALLY gone) but Mackenzie was still burning up! On Wed. she went back to school and I was able to go back to work.
Last night Chase was really quiet, did not have much of an appetite and just kinda layed around. I figured I should take his temperature ....sure enough 100.9!!! GREAT!!! I gave him some motrin and made him go to bed early! This morning when he woke up he was 99.9. I gave him some motrin and sent him to school ( this week is state testing if he misses school he has to make up the test). He said he would be ok, that he felt fine, that his nose was just running. I am keeping my fingers crossed that he makes it through the day!
I feel so bad having to drug my kids up every 4-6 hours to keep their fevers down...Now I am just waiting for one of the other kids to get sick...I am sure it will make it around the house at least one more time. Thankfully Jim & I have not really been hit by it yet...guess I will keep popping those vitamins and hope for the best!
Thats about the only thing really going on with us right is finally starting to pick up so I have been staying busy! The boys have 2 science projects and 2 book reports due this month so its time for me to get creative! We think we have a few ideas for the science projects, we will see how they work out! I am so happy I have neighbors that are in the same boat, we can all do our projects together :)